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December 22, 2005
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kumo no mukou by yume-darling kumo no mukou by yume-darling
Just finished a marathon of Vandread (one of the most underrated anime of all time >:[) and felt all bubbly so I produced this summery piece in the middle of winter. :] Hibiki and Dita are just so cute together... <3 Maybe they're on a date somewhere, post-series. XD I haven't water-colored in a while... I'm terribly rusty. >_>;; The clouds are incredibly weird-looking and I lose at fore-shortening on Hibiki's left arm. -_-;

Title comes from an anime I've seen called Kumo no Mukou, Yakusoku no Basho (Beyond the Clouds, the Promised Place). I took the first part of the title because Hibiki and Dita look like they're floating in the air on a bike... XD;;;

Vandread. GONZO.

Time: 2 hrs
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mini-sanada Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2009  Student General Artist
i love vandread!! it really makes me sad at how not many people don't know this anime well... :cries: FOR CRYING OUT LOUD IT'S BEEN AROUND FOR A LONG TIME!! and yes hibiki and dita are cute together! :D
LordUzur Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Vandread, what a great anime.
I used to watch it in 2005 and it was, and always will be, amazing.
I always cheered for Hibiki and Dita.
I hope they make a Vandread 3rd Stage.
mini-sanada Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2013  Student General Artist
I doubt there will be a 3rd stage since it's been over for so long already. There's the Vandread Extra Stage novel (which takes place before and after the series), but it's only in Japanese, and very hard to find online. ^^; I want to read it so badly though... >.<
DemonCartoonist Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2009  Professional Traditional Artist
It´s amazing. excelent work on watercolor :D
How did you make the skin colors??? Is a kind of combination.
Marvelous, really it is.
himitsusj Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2008
Vandread fanart? In paint?! :faint:

Oh I have such an attraction for paintings done in your style of soft colours. I can't not love it :D

the only thing I don't like about it is Dita's eyes: it's too big (it's also not done in the original style). Everything else is lovely -- the sketch style, the bicycle, Hibiki, the colours you chose, and the blue sky background.

"...... one of the most underrated anime of all time >:[ ....."

can't agree more! It needs exposure D<
yume-darling Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2008  Professional Digital Artist
Aw thanks for the comment. :)

Ah I have a terrible tendency to draw huge eyes on girls. I'll keep that in mind when I draw her next time.
Lx8 Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2008
amazing job with the colors and yes they are a good couple
Liliththeottsel Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2007  Hobbyist Digital Artist
OOooooow O.O!!!!!! AWESOME >____<!!!!
Haru-san93 Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2007
COOOOOOOOOOOOOL MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!! Whatta beautiful PIC! Continue your artworks!! xD
Vandread4ever Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2006
I sense a fave! Nice job!
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